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Since 1978, five or six prizes have been awarded annually in the Sciences. Prize fields comprise: AGRICULTURE, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, MEDICINE and PHYSICS. In the Arts, the prize rotates annually among ARCHITECTURE, MUSIC, PAINTING and SCULPTURE


The prize in each field consists of a certificate and a monetary award of $100,000. In the event of two or three recipients sharing the prize, the honorarium is divided equally


International prize committees in each field, comprising renowned experts, select the Wolf Prize winners. Prize committees are appointed every year. Committee proceedings, minutes and recommendations are kept confidential, except for the recipients’ prize rationale

Committee decisions are final and irrevocable


To date, a total of 329 scientists and artists from all over the globe have been honored


Laureates receive their awards from the President of the State of Israel. The prize presentation takes place at a special ceremony at the Knesset Building (Israel´s Parliament), in Jerusalem