Ingborg Bachmann scholarship, established by Ansalem Kiefe

Wolf Prize Krill Prize Gallery I.bachmann scholarship, by A. kiefer Foundation Scholarships

The Wolf Foundation has awarded since 1991 the “Ingeborg Bachmann Scholarship Established by Anselm Kiefer.” The Scholarship aims to help young, promising Israeli artists, under the age of 35, mainly in pursuit of studies abroad

Candidates are submitted by Israeli schools and academies of art; past recipients of this Scholarship; and art institutions invited to submit candidates. Recipients are selected by a Jury of three experts in the field

The German artist Anselm Kiefer, recipient of the 1990 Wolf Prize in Arts, donated his monetary award of $100,000 to establish this Scholarship

Ingeborg  Bachmann ( 1926 – 1973) was an Austrian poet whose name Anselm Kiefer wanted to honor, by establishing a scholarship in tribute to her literary and philosophical works. Bachmann excelled in several literary fields: poetry, fiction and narrative. Her many essays appeared in leading literary magazines. She also participated in numerous radio debates on literature and philosophy. Until her tragic death, at the age of 47, Bachman´s literary and philosophical activities, coupled with her outstanding personality--which combined intellectual acuteness with a very special sensitivity--attracted vast attention