krill 2015

The Wolf Foundation has announced the 2015 winners of the KRILL PRIZES FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. The prize, of 10,000 USD each, was awarded  to ten scientiststhree from the Weizmann Institute of Science, two from the Technion, two from the Hebrew University and one from each of the following universities: the Ben Gurion University, the Tel Aviv University and the Bar Ilan University. The prize will be awarded to the winners on May 12that a special ceremony that will be held at the HEMDA center for science education in Tel Aviv.

Since 2005, the Wolf Foundation together with the Krill Family award prizes at the amount of $10,000 each, every year, in the fields of exact and life sciences, medicine, agriculture and engineering. The prizes are awarded to excelling faculty staff members who hold untenured positions of either lecturer or senior lecturer at one of the Israeli universities. The recipients are chosen by the foundation's scholarship committee from a list of outstanding nominees submitted by the university they attend. The choice is made based on excellence, research topic and importance.

The krill Prizes are funded by the estate of the late Abraham Hirsch Krill Shlanger, Z"L. (19122007). Abraham Krill was born in Cheminitz, Germany, in 1912, and married Debora Kretzig in 1938. They then immigrated to South America, where he established a textile factoryAbraham Krill Sent for his parents and relatives from Germany, saving them at the last minute from the Holocaust. He was active among the German Jews living in his country and an avid supporter of Israel. Abraham Krill passed in 2007.  


The 2015 Winners are:

1. Eran Ofek

Academic Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science

Research Topic: Supernovae and Exploring the sky at high temporal frequencies

2. Natalie Elia Herooty

Academic institute: Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Field of research: Deciphering the mechanism of the ESCRT machinery in mammalian cell

division using quantitative imaging and super resolution microscopy

3. Moran Bercovici

Institute: Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Research topic: Microfluidic devices for enhanced biomolecular diagnostics

4. Barak Dayan

Academic Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science

Research Topic: Controlling Single Photons

5. Ido Amit

Academic Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science 

Research Topic: The coding of immunity in the genome

6. Sharon Ruthstein

Academic institute: Bar Ilan University

Research Topic: Exploring the human copper transfer mechanism by electron paramagnetic

resonance spectroscopy.

7. Oded Rechavi

Academic Institution: Tel Aviv University

Research Topic: Epigenetic inheritance and its effect on the process of evolution.

8. Alex Retzker

Academic Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science

Research Topic: Quantum Technologies

9. Uri Shapira

Academic institute: Technion

Research Topic: Homogeneous dynamics

10. Michael Schapira

Academic Institution: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Research Topic: Improving the Internet Infrastructure


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