The Fund Targets

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The Fund Targets

: The fund targets as set out in the law are


 promote science and art for the benefit of humanity. Grant awards to scientists and artists renowned for their achievements for mankind and friendly relations among peoples, irrespective of nationality, race, color, religion, sex or political view

provide scholarships and grants to scientists engaged in research at universities and other institutions of higher education in Israel


Exemption from taxes in Israel

In light of its objectives and as a non-profit organization, was awarded to fund exemption includes tax under section 8, 'the Wolf Foundation - 1975, moreover:'  (c) the contribution given by individual fund will be deducted from his income chargeable to income tax, and contributions bequeathed person fund in his will estate assets will not be included regarding inheritance tax. (D) the person who received the Foundation Award, a scholarship or grant will be exempt from income tax and all other taxes.