Laureates of 2017 Wolf Prize

Laureates of 2017  Wolf Prize in Arts and Sciences were announced

Wolf Prize in Chemistry will be granted to Professor Robert.G. Bergman from Berkley university in California, USA – For the discovery of the activation of C-H bonds of hydrocarbons by soluble transition metal complexes.

Wolf Prize in Mathematics will be shared by two laureates: Professor Richard Schoen from Stanford university, USA and Professor Charles Fefferman from Princeton university, USA – For their striking contributions to analysis and geometry.

Wolf Prize in Physics will be shared by two laureates: Professor Michel Mayor from University of Geneva, Switzerland and Professor Didier Queloz from Cambridge, UK and University of Geneva, Switzerland- for the first discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star.

Wolf Prize in Medicine will be granted to Professor Jim Allison from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center- for Sparking a revolution in cancer therapy through (his) discovery of immune checkpoint blockade.

Wolf Prize in Arts will be shared by two laureates: Lawrence Weiner and Laurie Anderson from New York, USA, for the radicalism and avant-garde at the core of their work, and for inspiring generations to come.