Jurgen K. Moser

Jurgen K. Moser Winner of Wolf Prize in Mathematics - 1994
Jurgen K. Moser


The Prize Committee for Mathematics has unanimously decided that the Wolf Prize for 1994/5 be awarded to:

Jurgen K. Moser
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Zurich, Switzerland

for his fundamental work on stability in Hamiltonian and his profound and influential contributions to nonlinear differential equations.

Professor Jurgen K. Moser’s achievements include:

His role in the development of 'KAM' (Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser) theory. This celebrated theory describes the structure and stability of dynamical systems which are close to being completely integrable. It has shaped the modern theory of Hamiltonian mechanics and has wide applications in science.

His proof of the so called “Harnack inequality” in elliptic and parabolic differential equations, which has become a standard tool in nonlinear partial differential equations.

His fundamental works in analysis related to complex, symplectic and differential geometry, in particular the classification of local invariants of complex manifolds, nonlinear Sobolev inequalities, deformation techniques for symplectic structures and stability of foliations.