Mark G. Krein

Mark G. Krein Winner of Wolf Prize in Mathematics - 1982
Mark G. Krein


The Prize Committee for Mathematics has unanimously chosen the following two Wolf Prize winners to equally share the 1982 award:

Prof. Mark G. Krein
Institute of Physical Chemistry of
Ukrainian S.S.R. Academy of Sciences
Odessa, U.S.S.R.

for his fundamental contributions to functional analysis and its applications.

Hassler Whitney
Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton, New Jersey, USA

for his fundamental work in algebraic topology, differential geometry and differential topology.

The innovative ideas of Professor Hassler Whitney have been the seed from which contemporary work in combinatorics, topology and differential geometry have grown to maturity. Matroids, differentiable manifolds, fiber bundles, characteristic classes, classifying spaces, stratifications, rational homotopy are only some of the concepts that trace their parentage to Whitney. His work inaugurates the style of geometric and combinatorial reasoning that has become the standard for the second half of the Twentieth Century.

The work of Mark Grigor´evich Krein is the culmination of the noble line of research began by Chebyshev, Stieltjes, S. Bernstein and Markov and continued by F. Riesz, Banach and Szego. Krein brought the full force of mathematical analysis to bear on problems of function theory, operator theory, probability and mathematical physics. His contributions led to important developments in the applications of mathematics to different fields ranging from theoretical mechanics to electrical engineering. His style in mathematics and his personal leadership and integrity have set standards of excellence.