Eduardo Chillida

Eduardo Chillida Winner of Wolf Prize in Painting / Sculpture - 1985
Eduardo Chillida


The Arts Committee unanimously decided that the Wolf Prize in Arts (Sculpture) for 1984/5, be granted to:

Eduardo Chillida
San Sebastian, Spain

His fruitful imagination, expressing a practical beauty of forms in his sculpture, appears in a contemporary guise, combining tradition and innovation.

Eduardo Chillida is one of the major sculptors of our times, with highly distinguished accomplishments in the three-dimension medium to his credit.

Chillida´s´ solid iron sculptures, as well as his alabaster blocks, are deeply rooted in the modern sculptural traditions and, at the same time, reached out experimentally toward new and as yet untested technical as well as aesthetic dimensions.

While enjoyable within a context of contemporary aesthetics, Chillida´s work has also radical and demanding dimensions, expressed through its weight and its assertiveness. His bold outdoor sculpture is at once part of nature and a challenge to it.

His debt to the past as well as his uncompromising contemporary posture marked him as an extraordinarily deserving, indeed a most admirable contemporary creator.