Mr. Eduardo Souto de Mouro

Mr. Eduardo Souto de Mouro Winner of Wolf Prize in Architecture - 2013

The jury awarded the prize to Mr. Eduardo Souto de Mouro from Portugal for the advancement of architectural knowledge in showing how buildings can philiosophically and experientially engage with the natural world, and for his exceptional skills as a designer.

Architecture can be considered as the most social of all art forms with a direct impact on each of us as a source of constant inspiration.
In a body of work of different scales and types, in Portugal and abroad, Eduardo Souto de Moura has created a better environment for people in a clear social frame work.
Of particular note is the coexistence that his buildings establish between society and nature, most poignantly in the stadium at Braga
To reward his advancement of the craft and ideas of architecture, we the undersigned award the Wolf Prize to Edouardo Souto de Moura